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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to take you on a little journey into the sleepy world of Surrey . My dear friend Miss Maria Jones offered me the chance to have a makeover by her wife Claire at their home in Weybridge. It was an experience that I would not regret.

“Please note this is not Sexual and No Animals were hurt in the taking of these pictures!”

So, is this what people in Surrey do on a wet Thursday afternoon? I must explain to you all, in the days before my appointment, I was extremely nervous at the thought of being a model and what was required of me. Half of me thought that I couldn't do it as I'm not the most beautiful girl in the world, the other half said “Go for it!”. As it turned out I was extremely surprised and impressed. I've always done my own hair and makeup, creating a look that I'm happy with…or so I thought!!!!!!!!

As I got my modelling clothes together…what do I take…always problem…so much choice…I decided to go for my little black dress and my sparkly little number and some nice sexy shoes that always make me feel good…its amazing how shoes can do that!

When I arrived at Claire and Maria's house they made me feel so welcome. We sat and drank the customary cup of tea…always good to calm the nerves…during this time we chatted about the looks and styles that I might like…in the end I left Claire to do what she felt was the right look for me.

So, the time had come to go upstairs into the makeover room. WOW! It was an Aladdin's Cave! Dream loads of makeup! The room was beautifully decorated and designed, with very relaxing colours, lots of good light and most of all lots of mirrors! You can't ever have enough mirrors…my friend Stephanie will agree with that! Not forgetting the big comfy chair.

Claire and Maria left me to get changed and said “shout if you need any help”. So, on with the dress…OMG been a while since it had an airing…you can never go wrong with a LBD! Claire and Maria came back into the room, reassuring me all the time and putting me at ease. The protective cape was wrapped around my shoulders (to ensure nothing got on my LBD) and Claire started her magic.

I sat in the chair and let Claire do her stuff. She's very good! First came the foundation…then the blusher to shape my face. Claire explained what she was doing at each stage. I sat there watching every brush stroke in the big mirrors, it was amazing! Next came the eye shadows, eyeliner and mascara. Cool! I was offered fake lashes but declined. Then the lip-liner and lipstick, not forgetting the lip gloss. Time to style my hair/wig…and I was complete. I can't tell you the feelings going on inside me. I felt so special.

Out came the camera (please note my dear friend Maria can be quite bossy when in charge of the camera, so be warned, she just wants to get the most out your feminine beauty which may have laid undiscovered for all those years). Claire explored different looks, styles and poses (not rude). I've never smiled and laughed so much in ages. I was relaxed and was made to feel very special as you can see from my modelling set of photographs on FLICKR.

Thank you Claire and Maria for a really special experience! xxxx

So to all you budding Tgirls out there, especially the ones in sleep old Surrey (you know who you are!)…you don't have to go to London to experience a good makeover service, its right on your doorstep. So, if you would like to look amazing and have a fantastic makeover its here in Surrey …I thoroughly recommend Claire.

Oh, and you get to take all the pictures home with you on a CD…in my case 150 of them!

Love and Kisses

Sarah XXXX

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