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Over the time, we have received some lovely words of thanks from our girls and we would like to share them with you.

Should you wish to find out more about their experiences, please click on the TV Chix link at the bottom of their testimonial and chat to the girls directly.

We strongly recommend to all of our girls to become full members of TV Chix as the benefits of doing so are considerable at minimal cost. Only if we all support sites like TV Chix will they continue to be able to support our community. Stella does an amazing job, so do please show your appreciation!






Sindy's Gallery Sindy's Testimonial #2


"On a first visit to AMC I don't think you are really prepared for the scale of the transformation that takes place, in makeover and look. It's truly awesome and jaw dropping to the extent that your own mother would probably struggle to recognise you.

You can't help but wonder whether it's possible to get an equally sensational result on another visit with different looks. Well, I've just had that answered for me on my second visit. It was another 'tour de force' by Claire that surpassed my expectations again - and they had been pretty high beforehand.

I've now had the best two makeovers I've ever had and when I visit again that'll make the best three. If you're wondering whether to try AMC, stop hesitating and make the appointment - you won't regret it and will wonder why you didn't go sooner!


Sindy xx


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Amanda's Gallery Amanda



The photos are amazing!!!

Cant thank you guys enough

I've just been on the AMC website and seen the new ones put onto my gallery, they look fantastic! Can't wait to trawl through them all when I get the Memory Stick!!!

Once again, thanks you so much! I cant get over how amazing Claire made me look.

Hopefully I'll come and visit again soon.





TV Chix Profile TBC



Sam's Gallery Samantha


"A big 'Thank You' from the botom of my heart for all you efforts an dedication yesterday. The resulting looks you created were magnificent and as I said just before I left, it made me want to cry with sheer joy to see 'Sam' in all her glory!

Alas, four hours for 'Sam' was not nearly enough, although the rest of her day was very nice.

I think, if you ouldn' mind another visit om 'Sam', then an 'Evening Out' somewhere would complete the day perfecly.

Thanks again!




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Sindy's Gallery Sindy


"Hi Maria and Claire,

The gallery looks great - I still can't belive it's me!

Claire is a genius - it's certainly the best makeover I have ever had and she's even managed to make me look younger!


Sindy xx


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Betty's Gallery Betty


"Dear Claire and Maria,

I can hardly think of what to write. I went home on a high, absolutely buzzing with memories, in particular of the utterly extraordinary moment when I saw myself for the first time. You realised it, I know, realised that I was overwhelmed with emotion and on the verge of weeping. What was behind that? In part I think a sense that I was at last looking at my hidden self, the self that had been in jail for decades and was now released into the sunshine. The tears were of shock, of happiness, and of sadness too, a longing for this new me to be allowed so much more freedom while knowing that it was impossible, that she had to return to her cell and once more be locked away...

So saying thank you is feeble and inadequate, but it will have to do.

Claire you are what you must know you are - THE VERY VERY BEST! Thank you, thank you, thank you and on and on for a thousand more thank yous. Maria you are the perfect foil, you understood me from the start, greeted me with a big smile and a kiss which said 'welcome, relax, enjoy.' In short, you are both creative, talented, exceptional people and lovely company.

I've just had time for a quick whizz through the photos and they are marvellous - I'm so glad you made me go blonde too, the pairing of dark/fair looks is sensational.

In July I'll be free to enjoy more Betty time and maybe, maybe... an Evening Out?!?!

I'm sure we'll be in touch many times before then.

Hugs, kisses, and more thank yous to two fabulous people,



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Shona's Galery Shona


"One week on and still dreaming!

My first visit to Claire at AMC and I can't recommend her highly enough.

I have been dressing for about 15 years, visiting various makeover organisations around London and the South East but this was definitely the best makeover experience of them all.

I was met by Claire who made me a cup of relaxing tea and who gave me a tour of the house and explained how the hours would pan out. We dug out some outfits in my size and some shoes (I'm 6ft2 and broad shouldered so getting clothes that fit can be a problem, but not here). Claire helped me into my corset, stockings and shoes, I was now about 6' 5" and struggling to get through the doors without knocking my head!

I was led into the make-up room which is an 'Aladdin's Cave' for make-up artists and also has a great view over the river. We discussed some possible looks and in the end I left all the decisions to Claire. False nails painted red, then I plucked up the courage to have my eyebrows shaped and I was really pleased I did, they looked fab!

Another 90 minutes of pampering and some strange looking colouring (I was warned of this in advance), I couldn't believe the results. Other places I have been to don't let you see the result until the end, but Claire likes to hear your opinion as she goes along which is a nice touch. We went through several wigs of different colours, these were all of a fabulous make and condition, just to finish the perfect look. We started with auburn, then went to blonde. Then its photo time, this does take a bit of getting used to, but once the nerves go you'll love it and begin to smile!

A couple of changes of wardrobe during the pictures and a change of wig! More photos and the surreal sight of seeing an empty sinking canoe float by the window got rid of the last of the nerves and helped with the smile!

I can't recommend AMC highly enough and will be visiting again, hopefully having my first night out.

Shona x


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Natalee's Gallery Natalee


"This was my first visit to Claire at AMC and I was not disappointed. I will explain that I am not exactly 'out' as Natalee but have been to BNO a couple of times and tried three or four other dressing services, so I am developing and gaining confidence over the past year or so.

On my arrival, I was met by Claire who looked fabulous and was very welcoming. So in I went with the holdall big enough for the kitchen sink, full of my favourite wigs and a couple of dresses, shoes etc even though I knew in my heart I would be using all of the AMC facilities, because as we all know you can never turn down the opportunities to play in someone else's wardrobe..lol

Anyway, a welcoming cup of tea and a friendly chat with Claire to discuss the look I preferred. Next, it was a tour of the gorgeous house set on the riverside and I was shown to my room for the day, a lovely spacious bedroom with huge mirrored wardrobes and en-suite, just perfect!

Claire left me get into my undies before helping me into a gorgeous corset. I then showed Claire my fave shoes which I had brought with me and was politely told off for 'leaving the size labels on the sole'. Quick as a flash, Claire was peeling and scraping one shoe, as I did the other. So shoes on and we now have the demure Claire at 5” something and Natalee at 6' 4” plus in my heels tottering into the make-up room.

In the brightly lit and mirrored makeup room we are surrounded by every kind and shade of make-up you can imagine, a tgirls paradise. Claire firstly applied my nails and at my request pained them a gorgeous brown black colour. Next she set about the task ahead in making me beautiful. Yes I know the saying, impossible we can do, miracles take a little longer, anyway we sat there chatting, Claire applied her magic touch, dancing around the chair, “the eyes have to symmetrical”, she says as she works on the left side then back to the right. It was definitely worth the effort and topped off with some gorgeous long lashes.

Next thing its over two hours into my appointment and I am looking fab but wondering where the time has gone, soit's time for the hair, first a dark wig, “No!" says Claire...too dark!”, then blonde, then another blonde, “No! Too short!” she says, then another “No! Fringe is too long!”, talk about a perfectionist! Eventually we find a lovely kind of wavy wig which Claire goes to work on to give it some extra oomph, and now we are ready.

Into the wardrobe we go and fish out a slinky pinky/purple iridescent number which looks fab clinging to my super corseted figure...lol...(incidently I loved the corset so much I ended up buying one before I left). Anyway now it's photo time, firstly on the 'famous AMC staircase', sitting, lying, sprawling, smiling….blimey its hard work this modelling thing. Anyway, then it's into the lovely bedroom, on the bed trying to look glam and sexy as Claire stands above me snapping away. Next it's downstairs to the gorgeous lounge overlooking the riverside and more shots, standing, sitting, lying down. We pause only for a refreshing cold drink, then Claire suggests an outfit change and I go for a lovely LBD, and we start the photo cycle again….It really is a day when you feel like a Glam model!

As I have said, I have been to a few dressing services and Claire is up there with the best for the welcoming friendly approach, attention to detail and making you feel special for the day. I would certainly recommend AMC and will be visiting again! WORD OF WARNING!!!...make sure you take the labels of your shoes before Claire sees them x

Natalee x


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Abigail's Gallery Abigail


"Hi Claire and Maria,

I really wanted to say thank you for everything yesterday. Well, except for the corset - that was torture but the results were worth it. I haven't had a waist that thin since I was teenager :-) Right from the start you made me feel welcome and comfortable. I was very nervous arriving, I had no idea what to expect and I certainly had no idea that a gorgeous girl would be walking around your home later...

Thank you so much for being patient, for explaining the make up and the process to me and for answering all my questions. I leaned more during the breast-creation and make up session than I had ever hoped I could from the few hours we had planned. I am so keen to learn and catch up on the 26 years of knowledge and life I have missed out on and in that session alone I caught up a few of those years I'm sure.

The biggest thank you has to be for creating and revealing an Abi far beyond my wildest dreams. I honestly had a deep felt identity crisis looking at myself in the mirror - it felt as though the girl in the mirror was totally detached from the person who arrived. She had become a real person and looking far more beautiful than I could ever have hoped for. The Abi you created was gorgeous and styled in the opposite of what I had been living for the last 26 years. She was detached, but in a good way, in the sense that what you had achieved is what I thought was the impossible - the true Abi who had a body and identity of her own.

I spent those few minutes alone in the room just staring at myself and couldn't quite put it all together. I stood in front of the mirror trying to look at every inch of my body and the more I looked the more detail I saw. Even now I'm trying to come to terms with me looking and feeling nothing like the girl I'd been previously and feeling "less" than the gorgeous girls I see on TVChix and Flickr. I felt gorgeous, I felt confident and for the first time ever I felt as though I wasn't a man who was a CD/TV, I looked and felt totally different. I genuinely felt like I was a girl and I'd reached a point that was so far from what I had ever thought was remotely possible. I was a great big bundle of happy, relieved, excited, confused, emotional feelings and filled with confidence all at the same time. Me in a dress? Never! Me in a skirt? Never! Me as a blonde? Never! Me gorgeous? Not possible!... Me being "passable" - not a chance! Everything I'd ever believed was wiped out in under 3 hours and I'd experiences all of those things in one very compressed "roller coaster" experience that seemed to go up, up, up and further up. I haven't started to come down yet and I hope I never will.

The very first image of me in my floral skirt and black V-top is etched into my memory and hasn't left me and probably never will! I can really only describe it as the same sort of vision as seeing one of your children for the first time. Even after 16 years, I can still see the image of when I saw my daughter for the first time.

You may have noticed my shock as we played with the wigs but the feelings and shock where nothing like the shock I was feeling inside. I was caught totally off guard. It'll probably take me a while to accept that I am the girl in the mirror, a girl that was a girl instead of a CD'er and a girl that could go out in public and be confident of who she'd become (with your help!). I had resigned myself that I couldn't ever go out in public, that I could never look like a real girl and would in all likelihood continue the life alone, perhaps with a few close friends but nothing more. That, like so many aspects of my life as Abi will change and going out in public is one of them. I will go out, I can do it and I will. That gorgeous Abi deserves to live, not just on the rare occassion in a hotel room or on a business trip but far more than that. The world needs to see and share the Abi I saw. I'm beginning to feel that I can be part of the the outside world. I can't wait for the opportunity. I still have a lot to learn, I know that, but there's a whole new world for me.

I had absolutely no idea you could transform me so much so quickly, but diligently and with so much care. I really feel blessed. I had prepared myself for a "realistic" outcome and possibly a disaster, but certainly not for the revelation I was given. There was absolutely no way I could ever, ever, EVER have prepared for what was to come.

Claire, you are a true artist and dream maker. I can't say thank you enough for being so kind, warm and caring and for sprinkling your fairy dust all over me! I need to change the way I look and feel about myself now. I don't need to "hide" behind certain styles of clothes any longer...I need to shop... :-) Yay! I love to shop! Now I can shop for clothes I'd have died for on Thursday, then realised I could wear on Friday. This could become a very expensive I think. Actually, I know it's going expensive, but what gorgeous girl isn't expensive! Those after Christmas sales are going to have another crazed girl diving in head first!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you once again!





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Natasha's Gallery Natasha


"Hi Claire and Maria,

I just wanted to drop you both a line to say once again a huge thank you for last night.

I cant really put into words how I felt when I saw what you'd done with me Claire, though I think you had an inkling that I was happy! LOL You both made me feel so welcome and my confidence has been boosted 200%!

I've already put into practice some of the make up tips you showed me, whilst the results are nowhere near as good as Claire's, they are better than my usual results and I just love the new wig. I can't really thank you enough for such a lovely evening.

I'll be putting some of the new pics on my chix profile before too long, problem is, with so many to choose from I just don't know where to start!

You certainly haven't seen the last of me as I am sure to return in the future, and I would definately be recommending anyone I speak to that they pay you a visit. I know you won't say it, but hey I can, you ARE the BEST makeover team out there, much better than XXXXXXXXXX... hehe...there, I've said it!

You've made this girl a very very happy girl indeed. Take care both and I hope to see you again soon.

Lots of love

Natasha xx

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"I would like to express my sincere thanks for a wonderful day at AMC. It was such a wonderful & memorable experience. One I wish to have again as soon as possible.

Claire, thank so so much for all of your patience during my visit. It was wonderful to watch in the mirror as each part of the stunning makeover took place. You have the patience of a saint!
Trying on all those beautiful wigs was my favourite part, I'm glad we settled on those 3 different styles.

Maria, thank you for helping put me at ease during the taking of all those beautiful & stunning pictures. Also thank you for your advice & help.

A couple of girls on TVChix have asked me where I went for my makeover or would I recommend AMC. Without any doubt or hesitation I have told them what fantastic people you both are & how they should not delay in booking a visit to the wonderful AMC.

Once again my heartfelt thanks to you both & hope to see you again soon.




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Danielle's Gallery Danielle


"I would like to express her heartfelt felt thanks to Claire at AMC for helping me finally discover myself. You were wonderful, you understood and guided me down the path to another world and I would like to thank you from the heart, you're just a lovely person."

TV Chix Profile



Rebecca's Gallery Rebecca

"From the bottom of my heart thank you so much for today; there are so many things that I will reflect on and hold dear for a long time to come: - that I immediately felt at ease and confident, your patience, your very kind words, your attention...and attention to detail, your artistry and mastery of the art, your love and warmth.

I couldn't imagine if or how I would ever be Rebecca with anyone else - I'm glad my first time was with you! Thank you also for the two(!) galleries - I have been watching the slideshow from my USB stick...of course, there's not now enough of them and I'll be back for more. I see a gorgeous woman looking back at the camera - that is your artistry - and a whole load of things I want to work on; not just the deportment but the gym workouts will continue and a slimmer me will re-present herself - although I absolutely loved wearing that corset (and eyelashes - both firsts for me)!!

I am carefully constructing my next profile entry - and prepare for the resulting comments - and how to get over all that I feel, how good life feels and tell anyone who is hesitant or without confidence to just go for it, with you, enjoy, fulfil what you want to be, now!

To two beautiful people - thank you...

Much love Rebecca xx"

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Pansy's GalleryPansy

"I hope that you have had a nice holiday and are back ready and fresh to do your magic on us "GIRLS"

My dressing up day was fantastic and you made it very special. I may not have showed it at the time but I think I was a bit overawed by it all at the time. Everything was so good I just didn't expect the finer details such as nails, great wigs, great shoes and bling jewellery.

The makeup was excellent and the result was brilliant. The house and the garden are perfect for photos and you both made me feel so relaxed.

My ambition now is to go to CandyGirls as an AMC maid. I would love to see my photos on TV Chix and the AMC Gallery.

Once again many thanks.

Love from Pansy

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Celestine's GalleryCelestine

It wasn't until I saw the before and after page of the AMC website that I even thought I could be anything more than a bloke in women's clothes. Many a time I have stood at the makeup counters of various stores staring at the vast array of "stuff" in front of me like a rabbit in the headlights. I am confident to go out and buy clothes, shoes and accessories for Celestine but makeup just scares me, I don't know where to start.

My way to AMC starts with Debs, thank you Debbie, if it had not been for her profile picture I would never have found the "Weybridge Wizards"; definitely one of the 7 wonders of the tranny world.

After several chats initially to Debbie and then to Maria plus countless visits to the AMC website I made my booking. Maria was so helpful in advance of the day answering loads of my questions and providing advice on what I should do and bring for my special day.

Once inside their own home, it became clear that this couple take pride in everything they do, their house was tastefully decorated and beautifully clean, I was introduced to the Clarie and the rest of the family, a charming selection of delightful cats. Maria made me at home as we unpacked the outfits I had bought with me, she made some comments that at first I thought were a little blunt but both Claire and Maria are professionals at what they do and want you to truly look your best. It didn't take me long to realise that this was the case, my advice would be approach the day with an open mind, you will gain far more from it.

Once dressed I was then given a suitable robe to protect my own clothes from stray makeup and sat in the makeup chair. Clarie took time to explain what she was using, and how she was using it as she started to work, this was far more than a bit of lippy and eyeshadow! In all Claire spent over an hour and quarter before we were even ready to start looking at hair. I had bought my only two wigs with me, one I acknowledge is a complete disaster but the other has been a favourite and my "look" up until now, both of these were thankfully put to one side as AMC have a remarkable stock of wigs.

Once the makeup was complete I was given strict instructions to close my eyes and not open them until told to as my new hair was put in place. I was shaking by this point, even though I had seen all the makeup go on and the techniques used. Clarie is open about everything she does and you can watch it all in the mirror, the prospect of the big reveal filled me with anticipation. What would I look like?

I cannot begin to describe the moment when I opened my eyes, there looking back at me was Celestine as I had imagined her to be in my mind all these years. She looked radiant and beautiful, the ugly male duckling had become a beautiful lady swan. I cried, I make no apologies for it, I was overcome with just how amazing I looked, poor Claire had to effect what would be the first of many repairs to my makeup during the day. After a few minutes of looking at myself in the mirror it was time for the first of the photos. They were both so patient and soon the snaps were coming thick and fast. As we took more photo's my confidence and smile grew, I try not to show my teeth when I smile as I don't like them very much but Maria insisted (she can be a bit of bully at times but all for the right reasons!). Soon I was laughing and grinning as she took picture after picture all the time telling me how great they looked and occasionally showing them to me. Very quickly she worked out what looked good, best side etc. etc. There was a bit of trouble at this point and it took us a while to realise that every time Maria showed me a picture I would come over all emotional again - how could I look that good? It was back to see the ever patient Claire for more repair work! I was banned from looking at any more of the photos as we took them.

Well, 12 wig changes later (5 of which worked, the remainder one or more of the three of us didn't like) and my bargain Chinese chensom on (almost) we were back outside for more photographs. Maria and Claire have a great selection of accessories that really add that special finishing touch.

I had booked a 4 hour session for my first one on Maria's advice, in practice it turned into 6 hours! At no time did I feel rushed or hurried, the day was devoted to me, it was wonderful to feel so cherished. I did buy a wig and brush and some earrings as well, all sold on at shop retail price so no greedy margins to take advantage of a vulnerable girl. These were my decisions and there was no pressure to buy apart from the fact I looked gorgeous wearing them and couldn't possibly consider leaving without them. Sadly all too soon it was time to go, had I really been there all day? Maria copied ALL the photos she had taken to my laptop for me whilst Clarie did some final tucks and tweaks for me. I had a copy of every photo including the few that had not worked out as well. In all there were over 300 and having looked at them several times now, there are only a handful that I would not use, such is the skill of both Claire and Maria with the camera.

I had planned to leave dressed and whilst I changed into my "going away outfit" Maria kindly put all the rest of my belongings in my car. We exchanged goodbye hugs carefully, I didn't want any more tears right now. Maria offered to go out and make sure the coast was clear but I felt so good about myself that Celestine left the house with her head held high. It was a memorable and amazing day and I can't wait to do it all over again.

xxx Celestine

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